OR Media is a multimedia/video production team housed within the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. We tell unique and compelling stories about people, places, culture, and brands that audiences want to watch. And we do it with passion, professionalism, and through just plain hard work.


For Clients:


Our process begins with a dialogue that is designed to identify your intended result.


We ask a lot of questions, including: Who is the audience? What is the primary message? What experiences and outcomes are we committed to creating? Key themes begin to surface, allowing us to collaborate in creating a working outline for the project.


Next, we identify scenarios that will most effectively illustrate those themes. What are the locations and settings that provide the best backdrops? And, who are the key performers, stakeholders, and essential individuals to film?


We commit to production dates, coordinate logistics, and shoot the raw material.


Next, we craft a script and/or edit plan and submit it for your review. With your feedback in mind, we begin several weeks of the video editing process. The result is an initial rough cut. Continued collaboration results in our delivery of a final edited master. Several weeks following delivery we will meet again to assess the effectiveness of the project and to implement any requested modifications.

OR Media . 1275 University of Oregon . Eugene, Oregon 97403 . mlazaro@uoregon.edu